10 Things To Do Before Meeting With Your First Client
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Nov 24, 2023

10 Things To Do Before Meeting With Your First Client

By Food Matters Institute

Getting ready to meet with your first nutrition coaching client? As nerve-wracking as it can be, you got it! Here’s a list of 10 things to make sure you do before that initial meeting…

  1. Review your client's profile: Before meeting with your first client, review their profile, including any personal or medical history and current goals or concerns.

  2. Research their condition: If your client has a specific condition or ailment, do your research ahead of time so you can better understand their needs and how to support them.

  3. Create a plan: Develop a plan that outlines your approach to coaching and how you plan to help your client achieve their goals.

  4. Prepare your space: Ensure that your meeting space is clean, organized, and conducive to a productive coaching session.

  5. Test your technology: If you are conducting a virtual coaching session, test your technology ahead of time to ensure a smooth connection and no technical difficulties during the meeting.

  6. Set expectations: Communicate your expectations to your client, including the duration of the session and any materials they need to bring or review beforehand.

  7. Prepare your questions: Prepare a list of questions to ask your client to gather more information about their goals, lifestyle, and habits.

  8. Review your coaching contract: Ensure that your coaching contract is up-to-date and that both you and your client understand the terms and conditions.

  9. Practice active listening: Be prepared to actively listen to your client and ask follow-up questions to better understand their needs and concerns.

  10. Get in the right mindset: Before meeting with your client, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and get in the right mindset to provide the best coaching experience possible.


By taking these steps before meeting with your first client, you can ensure that you are fully prepared to provide effective coaching and support. By setting expectations, preparing questions, and getting in the right mindset, you can build a solid foundation for a successful coaching relationship with your client. After all, the first client meeting is the hardest!


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