What Does A Nutrition Coach Do?
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Sep 29, 2021

What Does A Nutrition Coach Do?

By James Colquhoun

Nutrition coaches are passionate people. Typically they enter the field because they love eating nourishing foods that support their health, and love inspiring others to do the same. But how exactly do they do that, and what career opportunities are out there for them?

Here’s a glimpse into just some of the opportunities that are available for a certified nutrition coach:

  1. Provide Coaching Sessions & Nutrition Advice
    One of the most rewarding parts of being a nutrition coach is helping people to achieve their goals. In coaching sessions, nutrition coaches help their clients to work through their problems in a goals and solutions-oriented session. Nutrition coaches can encourage clients to advocate for their health and focus on nutrition education and health promotion to enhance the wellbeing of their clients to ultimately reach their nutrition-related goals.

  2. Host Talks On Nutrition & Healthy Living
    Nutrition doesn’t have to just be applied in the clinical setting - through talks and presentations, even at your local health foods store or favorite cafe, nutrition coaches can inspire their community to live healthier lives. Not only can this be an enlightening opportunity, but it can also be a good way to get your name in front of the wellness community and connect with potential clients.

  3. Write Blogs or Articles for Publications on Nutrition, Natural Healing & Health
    More often than not, consumers are turning to the internet in search of information. Use your nutrition coach certification to write blog posts for your own website, or articles for other natural health outlets to publish. Some companies will even pay you for these if your pitch suits their audience. Otherwise, it can be great exposure for your personal brand (and is always fun to get researching).

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  4. Create Recipes and Recipe eBooks
    Delicious recipes are an important part of healthy eating and many Food Matters Institute graduates have developed their own nourishing recipes or publish their own cookbooks. Just like recent Food Matters Nutrition Certification Graduate Anita S from Toronto, Canada.

    By creating a movement based around delicious, nutritious food, you’re inspiring people to lead healthier lives all while having fun.

  5. Work As An In-House Nutrition Coach for Health Stores
    Many health stores (even the large ones) look to employ people with a background in nutrition and wellbeing. This is because they feel confident that nutrition coach graduates have the skills and knowledge needed to offer their customers the help that they need, and show their products in the best light.

  6. Create Wellness Products or Foods
    Other graduates choose to go down the food production route. Whether it’s a line of bespoke healing teas or healthy bliss balls, having a background in nutrition allows aspiring food producers to create delicious and popular products, while keeping health in mind.

  7. Advocate for Local Community-Run Health Promoting Projects
    Nutrition coach graduates, no matter what their day job is, often get involved in local grassroots projects. Advocacy is one way to show that you stand up for what you believe in, and in most cases, that’s healthy foods. Nutrition Coaches may choose to align themselves with community groups that support good nutrition at the nearby soup kitchen, their children’s school cafeteria, or sporting events with a focus on healthy eating.

Imagine yourself as a Certified Food Matters Nutrition Coach: how would you choose to positively impact your community, family, or loved ones? Tell us in the comments below.


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