Top 12 Reasons to Become a Nutrition Coach in 2022
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Feb 16, 2022

Top 12 Reasons to Become a Nutrition Coach in 2022

By James Colquhoun

Are you still trying to decide how you’re going to have an impact on the world in 2022? 

Perhaps you’re looking to change the path you’re on, or maybe you want to take your passion for health and wellness a little deeper... I had similar feelings more than 15 years ago now, with a sick father and feeling unfulfilled in my own career, and I can tell you with 100% honesty that the most transformative choice I ever made was to become a nutrition coach.

Becoming a nutrition coach was a way to help heal my family from chronic disease and fulfill my lifelong passion, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Becoming a nutrition coach also opened doors I never could have dreamed of - including becoming the foundation for Food Matters as we know it today. Laurentine and I always knew that education was one of the most powerful tools for change in this world and we’ve dedicated our lives to building this into our mission. 

I am a firm believer in chasing your dreams - it’s how you fill up your own cup - so if it’s been a lifelong ambition to study nutrition, know that 2022 is the best time to do it!! And if you have some limiting beliefs creeping in or you’re still sitting on the fence here, are 12 reasons that might resonate for you.

1. You Have A Passion For Helping Others

Good food truly has the power to heal. We know this because we saw it firsthand with my father Roy. One of the key roles of anyone working in the nutrition industry, or the broader health and wellness industry, is to inspire others to be their happiest, healthiest selves. If you’re the friend or family member who’s known for helping others, then nutrition may be the pathway for you.

2. You Want To Better The Quality Of Your Own Life

Consider how much money you spend each year on appointments with doctors, specialists, or even holistic practitioners… To get quality support, it really can be an investment. But what if there was a simpler way to better the quality of your life? By giving yourself the knowledge and education to form the foundation of a holistic life, you’ll be able to address any health concerns at the source and begin to live a life of prevention rather than treatment.

3. To Take Your Passion For Good Foods And Healthy Living To The Next Level

You’ve watched the films, read the books, listened to the podcasts, and you still want more?! I know the feeling, I’ve been there before. Studying nutrition really took my passion for health and wellness to a whole new level. Not only did it allow me to turn my passion into a career, but I gained a deeper understanding of why this approach to our health is so important.

4. Wellness Is A Booming Industry

In 2001, economist Paul Zane Pilzer predicted the wellness industry to be the next trillion-dollar industry. And he was right! According to the Australian Financial Review, the global wellness industry is estimated at $US4.5 trillion. Wellness has entered the cultural mainstream and it’s safe to say that wellness - the universe of clean eating, juices, superfoods, mylks, supplements, skincare routines and self-care baths, boutique gyms, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, CBD oils, crystals, alternative medicine, holistic anything – has never been so seductive (or lucrative). And monetary value aside, the industry is booming because it’s a positive place and addresses the problems of many.

5. You’re Looking To Complement Your Other Training

Maybe you’re a personal trainer looking to build on your understanding of nutrition, or perhaps you’ve studied a mainstream dietetics degree but you’re looking to expand into holistic health. You might even be a doctor or practitioner, dissatisfied with the level of nutrition training you received! Wherever you’re coming from, holistic nutrition education can provide you with the knowledge to enhance (or form the foundations of) your practice.

6. You Want To Become A Health & Wellness Blogger Or Influencer

With a booming wellness industry comes a booming sector of people who prop it up. Have you always wanted to start your own blog, or build a like-minded community around your passion - nutrition and natural health? If so, it’s best to start with the basics so you can ensure you have a thorough understanding of how it works, then you can begin to send your message to the world.

7. You’ve Tried (& Feel Let Down By) Mainstream Healthcare

Too many of us know how it feels to be let down by our modern healthcare system. It may be your desperation from living with chronic disease or even just an internal knowing that the professionals aren’t doing all that they can to help. But I firmly believe that we are the best advocates for our own health, and taking the opportunity to study nutrition and become a coach can aid the transition into becoming your own doctor.

8. You Want A Good, Comprehensive Understanding Of How Nutrition Works

Amino acids, lipids, micronutrients, soluble, insoluble - do you often find yourself thrown by the industry terms and complexities of nutrition? Why does no one ever make it easy for us to understand? Nutrition is responsible for nearly everything within the human body, so in my opinion, it’s the most important thing to learn - even only just for our own health! But if you’re not looking to become a clinical practitioner, then maybe a short course is ideal for you.

9. You Want To Study A Philosophy That Challenges Mainstream Schools Of Thought

Does it shock you that a high-dairy diet is still being promoted for good health? That’s because it’s what many are still being taught in universities worldwide, despite there being mounting evidence to prove otherwise. It gets especially damaging when financial factors (such as university funding) are involved. The best way to challenge this notion, while still being true to your passion, is to seek out an independent education provider who aligns with your understanding of the world.

10. You Have A Specific Condition You’re Looking To Heal From

In this day and age, many people are living with chronic health conditions. It may be hereditary, or it may be caused by the ever-changing environment that fails to meet our health needs. Becoming a certified nutrition coach can help to provide the answers to what may be triggering you, and offer simple lifestyle solutions and natural ways to support your body alongside any medical interventions. 

11. You Feel Like There’s More To Life Than What We’ve Been Taught

Many of us have been born with a burning curiosity about the world around us (if you’re reading this, that’s probably you too). We’re not simply satisfied with accepting everything we have or haven’t been told as the truth - we want to figure that out ourselves. Whether that’s because you’ve seen firsthand the flaws in the healthcare system, or you know that the standardized approach to food is far from the healthiest.

12. It’s Been Your Dream To Work In The Industry, But You Haven’t Felt The Push To Get Started

Let this article be your push today! Millions of people across the globe are out there, pursuing their dreams, so what’s letting you get in the way of following yours?

You can find out more about becoming a nutrition coach in 2022 at the Food Matters Institute.


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