"How I Lost 30 Pounds, Healed My Gut & Became a Nutrition Coach"
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Feb 14, 2022

"How I Lost 30 Pounds, Healed My Gut & Became a Nutrition Coach"

By James Colquhoun

Join this exclusive interview with me, Food Matters founder James Colquhoun, and recent Food Matters Institute graduate, Maria Cristina Berg. Maria is a Food Matters Certified Nutrition Coach, personal chef, founder of Food is Therapy, and she joins me today to share her journey of rediscovering health and studying nutrition online.

Maria spent most of her life in the food industry, but it wasn’t until she began to explore her own health struggles that she really discovered the role food was playing in her life. From there, the change was immediate. Maria, now a Food Matters Certified Nutrition Coach, found that through studying nutrition, she could have a meaningful and lasting impact on the people around her.

Alongside her son, she created Food is Therapy, where she works as a nutrition coach and private chef. More recently discovered that good food really just is the tipping point. Since graduating from Food Matters Institute, which is now her second nutrition certification - one that she admired for being holistic and addressing specific conditions, she has a plan to grow her business.

With meal preparation offerings and cooking classes alongside wildcrafting and forest-bathing, Maria now has an incredible team alongside her that includes herbalists, to help her to expand into the realm of teas and natural beauty. In the last year alone, Maria has used this information to better her own quality of life, shed 30lbs of excess body weight, and inspire the lives of others around her. And this is just the beginning of her journey!

Explore studying nutrition online with the Food Matters institute here.


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