4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Studying Nutrition
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Dec 15, 2023

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Studying Nutrition

By Food Matters Institute

Have you been thinking about studying nutrition online? No doubt you’ve got some questions before diving in and investing in study, so we’re here to give you the answers! These questions are based on the most frequently asked questions that our Customer Service team receives about studying nutrition online.

1. I have no nutrition qualifications. How am I going to absorb all of the information?

This is one of the first questions we get asked from prospective nutrition students when they are considering studying with us. 

We hear you! Studying can be daunting, but we have designed our Food Matters Institute programs so that they’re entirely doable, whether it's your first time learning about nutrition or you're already working in the field. You don't need any prior study, special skills or knowledge - just a willingness to learn! 

Our programs also include various resources to cater to different learning styles. There are audio and video lessons for auditory and visual learners, practical exercises for those who learn by doing, and transcripts and workbooks for those who like seeing things in black and white. Plus, you get access to our Student Advisor, Global Community, and Live Chat, so any support you need is one click away. 

If you’re looking at studying nutrition through another program or school, make sure that they offer similar resources and learning support.  

2. What timeframe do I have to complete the program?

All nutrition programs operate on different timelines, but we offer lifetime access to our Food Matters Institute nutrition programs.

Our lifetime access means that rather than your program expiring in 6 months or a year, your access NEVER ends. You can take your time to complete the program at a pace that suits your lifestyle. There are no lecture commitments or due dates, so you can revisit the program as often as needed with full and complete access.

Lifetime access also means that you will receive all future updates to our programs. So whenever we add new content, you will receive it automatically! No catch. We want you to have access to this life-saving information and the ability to revisit it as often as you need. 

 3. What support will I receive? 

The right nutrition program will provide multiple touchpoints and ways to connect with the team behind the content you’re studying. And if they’re really great, they’ll connect you with fellow students, because things are best done in collaboration!

When you enroll in a Food Matters Institute nutrition program, our team will be there to hold your hand each step of the way before, during, and after you graduate. The support we provide is extensive, as we truly care about seeing our students succeed. You will have access to:

  1. Our Student Advisor - to help guide you through the course, provide accountability, and also be there to answer any questions you may have. (Plus, she's a qualified holistic nutritionist!) 
  2. Our Private Student Community - full of students on the same journey as you and those who have walked the path before you. It's a chance to collaborate and network as you work through the program.
  3. Live Chat - anytime and anywhere, you can Live Chat with our team for an extra layer of support! We can help you with everything from a content query to a tech issue while using the program.

Make sure you know the level of support you'll receive before choosing who to study with - you want to set yourself up for success.

4. How will I fit studying into my schedule? 

How busy is your schedule? Too busy to study even though you'd really like to?

We get it. But everything worth doing takes at least a little bit of time.

We can't speak for all nutrition programs, but our Food Matters Institute nutrition programs allow you to study whenever it suits you. With lifetime access to our programs, you won't have to worry about completing things in a certain timeframe... just when you're ready. 

We also make our programs accessible for every type of student, so we provide video lessons and short, podcast-style audio lessons that you can listen to in the car, while you walk, or any other time of day. 


If you’re looking to study nutrition online, consider enrolling in the Food As Medicine Nutrition Program.


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