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Who Are We?

Founded by Filmmakers of Food Matters and Hungry For Change, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, The Food Matters Institute is the culmination of over 15 years working with the world's best doctors and experts in nutrition, functional medicine and mind body education.

Here, we firmly believe that you are what you eat. We know this because we've seen it firsthand. We've also seen what the power of nutrition education can achieve for health.

Our core education program, The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program, first launched in November 2020 to hundreds of students around the globe. Over 10 core modules, our nutrition coach graduates learn the fundamentals of holistic nutrition and natural health, directly from some of the world's leading industry experts.

Our Next Food Matters Institute Event: June 2024

Our Next Food Matters Institute Event: June 2024


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Why You'll Love The Food Matters Institute Ambassador Program:

Be part of a global community that can change lives, with a strong earning potential for you. For every one of your leads that enrolls to study nutrition through the program, we'll pay you 50% commission.

Earn a minimum of
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  • Online training and live coaching webinars.
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Program Accreditations

The Food Matters Institute has been recognized and endorsed as a quality education training provider by the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC), which consists of a Committee Board of accomplished education professionals and a growing network of members.

Quality For Excellence in Education
Certificate of Registration
Premeier Training Provider Certificate

We’ve Paid Out over USD $1.8 Million to Partners So Far!

We're always looking for new and exciting partnerships! To date, we've paid out over USD $1.8 million to the various people in the Food Matters ambassador, affiliate & referral programs.

How Our Ambassador Program Works

Rachel Morrow

Get accepted into our Ambassador Program and get 30 days access to the Food As Medicine Nutrition Program you'll be promoting, to decide if it's the right fit for you.

Join our ambassador community and get ready for our next intake.

Earn 50% commission for every student you refer that enrolls, and help transform lives.

Food As Medicine Nutrition Program

Our Food Matters Institute Programs were designed to help people heal themselves (or a loved one) naturally.

You can learn more about the full curriculum of the Food As Medicine Nutrition Program here.

YES, I'm interested and want to learn more!

Here's What Our Students Have to Say

You can't put a price on health, and there is nothing more empowering than having the knowledge to be able to help yourself and your loved ones if the need arises.

Michelle Pedula - Ontario, Canada
Founder of Harvest & Wellness

Michelle Pedula
Michelle Pedula

Taking the course changed my life in so many ways. In the past, I was always confused about what to eat or not to eat. I never understood what was healthy and what wasn't healthy and why. The wellness world can be a very confusing place. Thanks to the course I now have healthier habits in my own personal life.
Every module of the course contains so much knowledge laid out in a very easy-to-follow program. Plus, you get to be part of a wonderful community of other students and graduates on the same journey. The course is an investment and it pays itself back with fewer sick days and medicine you would be buying. That is what happened to me, I rarely ever get sick now from applying everything I learned in the course, and I am the healthiest I've ever been.

Understanding the fundamentals of wholesome nutrition, superfoods, gut health, hormones, detoxing, and how to heal with food has given me the confidence to support my clients on their journey to better wellbeing.

Bec Russell - Queensland, Australia
Wellbeing Mentor, Yoga Teacher & Writer

Bec Russell
Bec Russell

I have been following Food Matters for years, soaking up all of their wisdom to integrate into my own life and wellness routines. Having already completed studies in life coaching, yoga, pilates, personal training, and reiki. I was looking to add an extra tool to my tool belt. When I was searching for a program to study, I knew I could trust and gain so much value from studying with Food Matters. Learning from some of the world's greatest wellness experts has had a great impact on both my own wellbeing and my businesses.

Not only do I now know what to eat, when to eat, and where to source the food from, but I also know how to eat with more flexibility.

Nancy Timmins - Ontario, Canada
Founder of Follow the Jade Rabbit- Health & Fitness Coaching

Nancy Timmins
Nancy Timmins

I wanted to learn more about food and nutrition for healing, detoxification, to learn how to better serve clients' needs, and to hear from this panel of experts and researchers first-hand. Not only do I now know what to eat, when to eat, and where to source the food from, but I also know how to eat with more flexibility. I am even more mindful of my daily decisions when it comes to our environment and what we expose ourselves to whether that be food, products that we apply to our skin, electromagnetic fields, herbs & spices, and superfoods.

What Other Leaders in the Health Space are Saying

“We love supporting this offer for many reasons! First and foremost, we appreciate their mission that enables students to study nutrition alongside the world's leading health experts. Furthermore, this event is tested and proven (we earned over $3 per lead). We're confident this event will continue to be a high converter for us and will do well for other high-caliber organizations.”

The Art of Anti-Aging

Jon Gabriel

“Even though we only sent a small amount of traffic, the EPC is fantastic. Over three dollars per click. Our clients love Food Matters and it's a perfect fit for our audience.”

Jon Gabriel

The Gabriel Method

Jon Gabriel

“This was such an exciting event to promote! The regular contest updates and communication from the Food Matters team helped us earn great results, and we walked away with over $31,000 in commission and prize money.”

Reid Tracy

Hay House

Hay House

“The high-quality content was a hit with our audience, and we got great results - a $2.61 EPC our first time promoting.”

Jason Prall

Awakened Collective & The Human Longevity Project

Jason Prall

Sarah Otto

“We are truly passionate about promoting Food Matters events. Their dedication to providing quality education aligns perfectly with our values at Goodness Lover. The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program not only offers excellent content but also serves a great mission, ensuring we're always confident in sharing it with our audience.”

Sarah Otto

Goodness Lover

Our Partners

The Gabriel Method Goodness Lover Elizabeth Rider Hay House Awakened Collective
The Human Longevity Project
The Art of Anti-Aging HealthMeans Sonia Ricotti Urban Farm LLC Christa Orecchio DrTalks Dr. Eric Zielinski The Sacred Science Dr. Tami Meraglia Life Force Blessings The Stern Method Annmarie Skin Care Gift of Healing TV GreenMedInfo Simply Nourished Vanessa Lamaro Naturopath The Wholefood Collective Chronic Condition Rescue LLC Rob Herring & Earth Conscious Life David Avocado Wolfe Lifestyle Prescriptions University Dr. David Jockers Cause Health The Wellness Mama Time of the Sixth Sun Panacea Community LLC 365 Daily Health Udo Erasmus The Institute for the Psychology of Eating HealthGlade Ari Whitten & The Energy Blueprint Elissa Arnheim Health Coaching Chef Susan Teton & Essential Cuisine Back to Eden Grow Your Own Vegetables Tom Cronin Dr. Heather Sandison The Grow Network Revelation Health The Tapping Solution Simple Smart Science Modern Holistic Health Kevin Ellis The Bone Coach International Institute for Complementary Therapists Natural Health Resources Paleo f(x)™ Liana Werner-Gray Dr. Amy B Killen

John Robbins and James Colquhoun
The Food Matters Cookbook
Novak Djokovic and James Colquhoun
Gabrielle Bernstein and James Colquhoun
The Food Matters Team at our Sunshine Coast HQ
Transcendence 1 Film 2018
Laurentine ten Bosch in Group Discussion
The Food Matters Film 2008
Laurentine ten Bosch and James Colquhoun at the 2022 Cookbook Signing
Jon Gabriel and James Colquhoun
Food Matters Live Events
Transcendence 2 Film 2020
James Colquhoun and Libby Weaver
The Food Matters Annual Magazine 2020
James Colquhoun and Vishen Lakhiani
Laurentine ten Bosch and James Colquhoun Group Discussion
Artie Wu and James Colquhoun
The Food Matters Annual Magazine 2019
James Colquhoun and Marie Forleo
The Hungry For Change Film 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find my promotion links?

Participating ambassadors will be sent their unique links via email.

Q. Will you provide creative assets & swipe copy?

Yes! Participating ambassadors will receive beautifully-designed creative assets (for email and socials) and swipe copy to assist with promotion.

Q. How do I earn commissions?

Sign up to become a partner, and share our event content with your audience using the unique links we send you. We encourage partners to promote our pre-launch content, as well as the sales page (at least once), to ensure your audience has the highest chance of converting on our offer. For every one of your leads that enrolls in the program, we'll pay you 50% commission.

Q. How much will I earn from this event?

While we can’t guarantee exactly how much you’ll earn out on this event, we pay 50% commission on every one of your leads that enrolls in the program.

Q. Will the evergreen funnel earn the same commission?

Yes! For every one of your leads that enrolls to study nutrition through the Food As Medicine Nutrition Program we’ll pay you 50% commission.

Q. Who is the evergreen funnel for?

Send your community to our FREE online masterclass to learn how to get certified in nutrition and uplevel their career. This masterclass is full of fantastic information and tips from experts who have done it themselves!

Your community will sign up to watch the masterclass, receive it by email, and then enter into a high-converting funnel. Over 10 days, we’ll send them additional masterclasses full of nutrition goodness so they can keep learning, PLUS a special offer to enroll in the Food As Medicine Nutrition Program for a special price.

Q. How do I promote?

We've prepared everything you need to help get you started from swipe copy to image designs and social media videos. But remember, you know your audience best, so use these creative assets and swipe copy as a guide to edit and make specific to your community.