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Nutrition Certification Program

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14 Day No-Questions-Asked money back guarantee.

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Kayla Desrosiers - Community Manager + Holistic Nutritionist


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I decided the best gift I could give myself was doing this course...

My health journey started after having IBS most of my life and going in all directions to "fix it." Now perimenopausal, the symptoms I had learned to live with got worse, so I decided the best gift I could give myself was doing this course....already seeing massive improvements with the changes I have made so I am achieving my goal.

Adina - Motueka, New Zealand

I did the program last year and it absolutely changed my life. Not only can I help others but also help myself and my family live a fuller and happier life.

Marli V
Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

Thanks to the course I now have healthier habits in my own personal life.

Every module of the course contains so much knowledge laid out in a very easy-to-follow program. Plus, you get to be part of a wonderful community of other students and graduates on the same journey. The course is an investment and it pays itself back with fewer sick days and medicine you would be buying. That is what happened to me, I rarely ever get sick now from applying everything I learned in the course, and I am the healthiest I've ever been.

Michelle Pedula - Ontario, Canada
Founder of Harvest & Wellness